CLEAN up to 500 spray guns with a 20 litre ADEXPERT DRUM

ADEXPERT is the first mixte & no VOC cleaner for your spraying equipment which ensures an extremely long service life.
Clean your spray gun in compact washers with ADEXPERT et use 8 times less solvent & generate 8 times less waste reprocessing costs. At the same time enjoying a more complete, more durable & more powerful cleaning.

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Please go to its technical documentation!

ADEXPERT – No VOC ECO-SOLVENT for cleaning of spraying equipment


  • Zero VOC, Not Classified, 100% biodegradable, stable and reusable
  • Respect & anticipation to Health, Quality, Security and
  • Environment Standards
  • A combination of benefits 100% REACH, from renewable raw
  • material
  • Immediate effect on any water-borne and solvent-based paints
  • Low consumption, high-efficiency
  • Waste reduction